Venue feature

Click on the above link read a feature on me and my band written by Julian Owen, Venue Magazine’s Music Editor, in November 2009.

Here are some other pleasing quotes…

“We’ve been playing Miss Cecily’s entry to the competition ‘Leaving with you’, down at the studio and it’s been stuck in my head all day!”

Janice Long  Radio 2

Fatea Magazine:

Chanson and latin flavoured jazz seem to be re-establishing themselves as an influence to a rising number of singer/songwriters, double bass, snare drums and accordions providing the deriguer instruments to bring back a sound reminiscent of clubs tucked down back alleys, where sophisticated whores seduce drunken writers smoking filterless cigarettes.

“The World Is Still Big Enough” has that live and let live attitide,  Miss Cecily seems to be saying there’s still space for a sound that’s as rich as Turkish coffee and at times almost as bitter and can swing like there’s no tomorrow.

“Miss Cecily bagged the swing, gave it a light jazzing, and presented it with style from another age, performing with the sparkle and elegant poise of a Mary Ford.”

Julian Owen, ‘Venue Magazine’  (review from The Bristol Festival)