Toybox, Sheds, and Clevedon Pier!


Hello folks,

Well it’s been a busy few weeks, starting with a recording session at the fantastic Toybox studios in Bristol in which myself and Tom recorded some new songs in our new stripped down acoustic fashion.  They’re  sounding lovely and I’ll be making one or two of them available as a free download very soon.

We then went on to film in a shed in Clevedon. It’s a particularly special shed  full of nik naks and curiosities and has also picked up alot of interest from all sorts of people such as Whispering Bob Harris and Steve Levine.  Every week the shed’s owner Jon posts a new video of a band or individual performing in his shed on his website and ours  should be turning up there any week now.  I’ll be sure to inform you as soon as that happens!

We then returned to Clevedon last week for a photo shoot with our friend Ben who took some rather classy black and white  shots of us sitting on various benches,  leaning on walls looking pensively out to sea,  spying on fishermen and gazing into coffee cups in wood panelled cafes.. can’t think of a better way to spend a day really!  These will of course be finding their way into the photos section of this site.

Cheers ears and happy Gun powder plot night!!