First performance of new material..

Next Tuesday (26th July) myself and fabulous guitarist  Tom will be debuting some new songs which we’ve been working on in our new studio..they have never before been played in public so it’s quite excting (at least for us!), they are a little different in mood and sound to the stuff we’ve done before and we’d be really inetersted to get people’s feedback. We’ll be doing half an hour at The Golden Lion, Glos Rd, Bristol next Tuesday some time between 9 and 11pm  as part of a night I’m guest hosting called the Lion’s Den.  My other guests will be singer songstress Molly Samson who plays the darker side of folk, and spoken word artistes Sammy Digger telling tales of love, laughter and charity shop lock ins!

It’s going to be a great night and it’s absolutely free!